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About this project

Together with Inuit youth, Elders, and community members across Nunavut, we will be speaking with communities to hear their stories and experiences of the pandemic, and to hear from them about what is needed to best support Inuit youth and families during periods of social isolation.

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Inspiration for this project

An I-SPARX sub-study

 In 2021, nine Inuit youth leaders from the I-SPARX project shared how the pandemic impacted their daily life and wellbeing, and what strategies they used to stay resilient. The leaders shared many aspects of resilience which inspired more questions and goals!

I-SPARX youth leaders from 4 communities


The Current Project

Inuit youth, Elders and their communities will work together to: 

  • Document how the pandemic affected the mental wellness of Inuit youth and their families

  • Identify what resources are needed if there are future periods of social isolation

  • Plan ways to support connection, mental wellness, and resilience in a post-pandemic, virtual world

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Image by Isaac Demeester

Questions for you and your community:

  1. What would you like the focus of this study to be?

  2. What do you feel are the most important questions to ask about the impacts of COVID-19 on mental wellness of youth in your community?

  3. What research methods do you feel are most useful and culturally appropriate for conducting such a study in your community?

  4. What can we provide to ensure everyone in your community who wants to participate in the upcoming study is able to (.i.e., tablets, phones, Internet sticks, translators)?

  5. What are some of the most important factors for us to consider when we are conducting this research with your community to ensure that it is meaningful, impactful, and culturally appropriate? How can we remain accountable and sensitive to your community's needs?

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